Congratulations to Midcoast home modification specialist Lisa Gellatly, an Occupational Therapist with CHANS Home Health Care’s Rehabilitation Program. She recently completed an Executive Certificate Program ‘In-Home Modification’ from the University of Southern California.

Home modification is a process for adapting the home environment of elder. It makes tasks easier, reduce accidents, and support independent living. The new certification means that Gellatly is able to provide families and individuals with recommendations for current safety needs. she can also provide education for future housing, health, and supportive service needs. Gellatly also guides home owners with suggestions for structural modifications of existing home space or new construction for elder safety and functionality. Midcoast home modification will be faster and easier.

Midcoast home modification is easier because of new specialist“Having Lisa’s knowledge and skills in this emerging and innovative specialty for Midcoast home modification is a boon to the whole patient population at CHANS. She is not just providing assessments and recommendations, but helping them access funding and grants to make the recommended home modifications. She has also become a valuable consultant for our other therapists,” states Jim Byrne, Physical Therapist and CHANS Rehabilitation Department Manager. “The work that she does with Midcoast home modification  increases the number of people that are able to stay in their home. That is the primary goal of the work we do at CHANS.”

“It’s wonderful to be able to work patients on home modifications that will decrease the physical demands of caregiving and allow them to safely stay in their home longer,” said Gellatly. “It’s truly a gift to allow a person to regain the ability to help with cooking or dishes again. It gives our patients the ability to be productive and contribute to family life means the entire world to them.”

Midcoast Home modification examples

Modifying the home is an integral component to successful aging and an important part of long-term care planning. Examples of midcoast home modification include the installation of door handles that operate easily with a push and handrails on both sides of stairs. Midcoast home modfication might include a walk-in shower with a hand-held flexible shower head, and grab bars throughout the bathroom. Perhaps we’d also modify handles on faucets, cabinets, and drawers for easy gripping and add sliding shelves in the kitchen.