Traveling can be a stressful event for anyone, and senior travel is no exception. There is so much planning to do, and there are always unexpected bumps in the roads. Between choosing a destination, packing all necessities and ensuring that the trip will actually be enjoyable, there are a lot of things that could wrong. For seniors, it may be harder to deal with senior travel issues that arise, so the more planning beforehand, the better.

Senior Travel Tips

For seniors with specific health issues there are many things to take into account. It may be wise to have a doctor’s visit prior to traveling, just to make sure everything is running smoothly. When preparing to travel with seniors, consider the following:

• Do you have all your medication and a back-up plan if your medication is somehow lost?

• Where are the closest medical facilities where you’ll be staying, and what are they like?

• Can you get the medication you need there?

• Do you need insurance to cover your senior travel trip?

When on the plane (or any vehicle), remember that sitting for long periods of time puts you at risk for blood clots in the legs. Stand up and stretch and walk up and down the aisles as much as you possibly can. Even if you have to go to the bathroom for an excuse to move, walk around, do a little dance or some standing exercises to keep your blood flowing.

Traveling is one of those times where the journey can range from great to terrible before reaching the destination. It’s important to have wheelchairs and seating needs planned in advance. When packing, remember to keep all medications and other things you may need on you in your carry-on bag. Make sure your carry-on bag fits the requirements of your airline, and remember that luggage is made easier with wheels. You may want to keep a first aid kit on you with a few items that could make senior trvedl more comfortable: band aids, painkillers, anti-motion sickness medicine, antacids, sanitary wipes, and your regular medication. If you have extra glasses, bring them in case anything happens to yours. A pillbox with compartments may also be useful as the fun of senior travel  vacation may distract you from your usual routine.

Think back on your previous trips. Do you have senior travel tips top share? Remember them yourself, and your senior travel will be comfortable and worry-free!

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