Winter Storm Nemo (I don’t know if I’m offended or amused that the weather service is now naming storms—winter storm Nemo indeed!) is bearing down on New England and Maine. You know the drill about batteries, extra water, medicines on-hand, and warm clothes. Now that you’ve got your emergency supply of bread and milk,  here are a 8 more tips to keep you safe.

winter storm Nemo is pretty scary1. While it’s still light and you still have electricity, beat winter storm Nemo to the punch and neat up the house! Make sure your pathways to the bathroom, kitchen and supply closet are clear. You don’t want to be tripping over stuff in the dark.

2. Wash up the dishes. Run the dishwasher. Neat up the kitchen. You’ll be glad everything is shipshape if you lose electricity for three days.

3. Make sure you’ve added the needs of any pets ot your list. Have enough spare water for them, and food on hand.

4. Charge up your cell phone, any rechargeable batteries, and any other electronics for work or play. Do it right away so that it’s off your mind when winter storm Nemo gets worse.

5. Set up an emergency protocol with your family or neighbors. When will you check in with each other?

6. Plan some projects (catching up on reading, clipping receipes, sorting photos, hemming) that can be done with available light. Do you have everything on hand to get the work done? Find a cozy blanket to put by your chair in case the heat goes out.

7. Locate a light hat. You’ll feel more comfortable when the heat goes down if your head is warm.

8. Plan your emergency shelter. If we get a really bad storm and the electricity is out for days, where will you go? Are you safe at home? Should you band together with friends or family? Make a plan.

9. Be thoughtful and careful about what you’re doing, whether it’s shoveling or lighting the stovetop. The middle of a blizzard is no time to need emergency services!