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  1. Call for Artists! Senior Artists Exhibition

    Calling all senior artists! Senior College at Belfast is pleased to invite all Maine artists, 50 years of age and older, amateur and professional, to participate in this year’s Festival of Art event. For the past eleven … Continue

  2. Senior Estate Planning Skills in New Brann & Isaacson Partner

    The law firm of Brann & Isaacson is pleased to announce that Kenleigh A. Nicoletta has become a partner of the firm. She is a member of the Maine Bar, and serves on the Board of the … Continue

  3. Trusts: Do you need a Trust?

    Q: I have lots of questions about trusts. Can someone explain if I need a trust and how I should be dealing with my financial planning? A: We’ve asked Barry Kohler, SVP and Director of Androscoggin Trust … Continue

  4. Is Long Term Care Insurance a Good Investment?

    Should You Consider Investing in Long Term Care Insurance? A Q&A with Barry Kohler, SVP and Director of Trust and Wealth Management at Androscoggin Trust and Wealth Management Q: What’s the simple definition of long term care … Continue

  5. Hypothermia and the Elderly: Cold Weather Alert!

    Hypothermia is a special danger for elders in Maine. One of the first signs? Shivering. Shivering is one of those amazing things our bodies do to keep us operating at top speed. It’s as if we had an … Continue

  6. Magna named Winner of Andrus Award for Community Service

    AARP Maine has announced that retired educator and Portland resident, Nelson Megna, is the winner of the 2013 Andrus Award named in honor of AARP’s founder Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus. The Andrus Award celebrates and honors individuals … Continue

  7. Avoiding the Holiday Blues: SAD depression tips

    Q: How can I avoid the holiday blues? I always seem to get so maudlin this time of year, and I’d really like to enjoy the holiday season more. Depression isn’t the holiday spirit! A. You’re in … Continue