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  1. Long Term Care Insurance: too expensive?

    “Long term care insurance is too expensive.” Is it, really? How much does it cost? You don’t really know, do you, until you sit down with an LTC Specialist to discuss what sort of plan makes sense … Continue

  2. Long Term Care Insurance: an intro

    I’m excited about being part of Maine Senior Guide. As an expert in LTC (long term care) insurance, any opportunity to help educate you about this topic is valuable, because there’s so much inaccurate and misleading stuff … Continue

  3. Home Safety Assessment Checklist

    When you begin to think about staying safely and comfortably in your own home, it’s not easy to think of everything. Here’s a very comprehensive home safety assessment list that you can download and print. It’s a great … Continue

  4. All Home Care is Not the Same

    Each day in the United States, 6,000 people turn 65 years of age.  One in five Americans will be older than age 65 by the year 2030 (American Association of Retired Persons, 2003). This increase of U.S. … Continue

  5. What Can In-Home, Non-Medical Care Do for You?

    Most people don’t know how helpful in-home, non-medical services can be until they’ve had the need for this type of help in their lives or that of a loved one. These services are meant to be supportive … Continue

  6. Caregiver Syndrome: Does This Describe You?

    Caregiver Syndrome, a relatively new term, is being used more often by some medical professionals to refer to the emotional and physical toll experienced by those caring for an elderly relative, neighbor or friend. This syndrome is … Continue

  7. Caregiving for Persons with Dementia

    I often read sites dedicated to senior health care from around the country. Here are some good tips from Family Eldercare of Austin, Texas. Whether you’re the regular caregiver, allowing someone a vacation respite, or dealing with … Continue