Spiral Journeys is a experienced travel company headed by Irish native Ann Quinlan. She specializes in travel to the hidden Ireland, the beautiful country seen by the Irish and seldom experienced by tourists travelling on a set itinerary.

Spring in hidden Ireland is Ann’s next journey, from May 12 to May 24, 2020. You’ll start your Irish stay at Ashley Park House in Nenagh, county Tipperary, and have ten days of exploration and travel around the countryside. For more information about this hidden Ireland trip, contact Spiral Journeys at 207-899-2606.

Ann has escorted many trips to Ireland and knows the countryside. Good birding haunts, megalithic  sites, castles and ruins, scenic hiking, beautiful manor houses…..Ann knows how to find all the hidden gems that will bring Ireland to life far beyond the knowledge of tourists. Explore Ireland with a native, at your own pace!



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