Working Senior Care Solutions offers Employers access to a qualified set of ElderCare Benefits for their Employees.

Our ElderCare Services provide an invaluable resource for Employed Caregivers struggling to balance work, life and caring for their elders.

We customize our services to fit your needs. Those needs are determined by you, with the assistance of our professional assessment of your Employee interest. You decide which Employees receive the benefits and how they receive them. Meet with us to find out more about how we can specialize our services to suit your Company.

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There is a growing demand in Maine for the ElderCare Services provided by Working Senior Care Solutions.The demand increases with every year the baby boomers age, as the population of individuals 65 or older is expected to double over the next 20 years.

What does this mean for Maine Businesses?

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2000 Maine ranked 12th on the list of oldest states in the country. By 2006, Maine moved up to the fifth position with about 14.6% of the population 65 or over. Though the figures are yet to emerge, the Maine State Planning Office predicts in 2010, Maine is the 3rd oldest state, estimating at least 15.6% of the population to be 65 and over.That is more than 3% higher than the current national average.

An increase in the aging population translates to an increase in family caregivers.This presents an economic problem for Maine Businesses, as 64% of family caregivers are employed full-time.

Caring for an elder, especially an aging parent, is emotional, stressful and incredibly time-consuming. Employed Caregivers without access to ElderCare Support negatively affect a company’s bottom line, primarily through the following two factors:

  • Loss of Productivity, due to absenteeism, tardiness, distraction and quitting.
  • Increased Health Care Costs, due to caregiver stress and the physical demands of caregiving.

The Metlife Mature Market Institute, in coordination with the National Alliance for Caregiving and the University of Pittsburgh Institute on Aging, published a survey in February 2010, titled, Working Caregivers and Employer Health Care Costs. They surveyed over 17,000 employees in an undisclosed location in the Northeast.What they found is astonishing.

The report reveals an 8% differential in increased health care costs for employed caregivers over non-caregiving employees. Speaking conservatively, this 8% amounts to a monetary increase of roughly $13.4 billion annually in Employer costs.

In response, Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D., director of the Metlife Mature Market Institute, released the following statement:

While this news may be distressing, our research points out that the coordination of eldercare services and wellness initiatives may open new avenues of innovation to benefit both employees and employers.Employers can provide support to their employees and, at the same time, reduce their health care costs by anticipating and responding to the challenges of eldercare.

Working Senior Care Solutions is here for you. We offer knowledgeable Senior Care Advisors, who in addition to providing advice and education, can provide referrals to trusted legal, financial and medical resources.We can assist in all aspects of ElderCare planning and transitioning, even for those Employees whose aging loved ones live at a distance.

Employees in need will greatly benefit from this access, allowing them to spend less time coordinating their caregiving responsibilities and more time focusing on work.Additionally, by reducing stress Employees improve short and long-term health.Therefore, Employers will benefit by reducing expenses in health care costs and loss of productivity.Moreover, installing ElderCare Benefits may help increase a Company’s Employee Retention Rates, further increasing productivity.

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