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  2. Holiday Blues: dealing with depression

    Holiday blues. We all know someone, or someone whose loved one, is dealing with depression. Severe depression is debilitating, but there are levels of depression, and even a mild case such as being down in the dumps … Continue

  3. Apps for Aging: iPad Apps & Assistive Technology

    Are you looking for apps for aging? Do you use iPads in your therapy classes, or wish that you could use simple assistive technology to help a loved one? The iPad is having a profound impact on … Continue

  4. Senior Gifts: making fun senior gifts

    Senior gifts can be difficult to come by when your loved one seems to have it all. Making your senior gifts useful, not just decorative, can be a key to successful senior gifts and presents. So make … Continue

  5. Gifts for Seniors: senior holiday ideas

    Still looking for gifts for seniors? Stretch your imagination! Sometimes gifts for seniors are waiting at the grocery store, in the sewing aisle at your local home goods store, or even on-line. First, check out your local … Continue

  6. Grandchildren and College: College Tuition Help from Grandparents

    Have you always planned to help your grandchildren pay for college? With the price of college nowadays, college tuition help from grandparents matters more than ever. There are several ways you can help them with college expenses … Continue

  7. Senior gifts: ideas for Christmas presents for seniors

    Need more holiday gift ideas for Maine seniors? Here are a few from our alert readers: Sam H. from South Freeport suggests gift cards from Shaw’s, Hannafords or other supermarkets. Especially handy because they can be used … Continue