best gifts for teensLooking for the best gifts for teens? Best gifts for older folks? What about little kids?

The first clue is what they like. Although I believe in shopping locally, there’s nothing wrong in googling “best gifts for teens” or best gifts for teen boys/girls to get ideas. Do not give gifts you don’t approve of! If you think zombies are a ridiculous fad, avoid zombie gifts. Ditto Angry Birds, inappropriate t-shirts or pants with words across the butt. Don’t send mixed signals by giving teens gifts that you don’t really want them wearing/using. There are ways to be connected and cool without compromising.

If you need a fad for inspiration for best gifts for teens, try bacon. There are bacon band-aids, bacon periodic table t-shirts, bacon perfume….lots of bacon items. This bacon-theme best gifts for teens is actually a unisex gift idea!

Best Gifts for Teens

Other teen gift ideas:

• Dr. Who items, like a Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush
• Cookie of the Month club (that you provide)
• A really nice manicure set
• Nail tattoos or nail art
• Ticket stub diary
• Mechanical music box (create paper-punch music rolls and play your own music)
• Giant yard dominos
• Inexpensive watches (go for the analog face!)
• Doodle art journals and colored pencils (perhaps also a book on art journaliing)

What about the little kids in your life? One of the best gifts I’ve found are large face, inexpensive analog watches. Some are even “time teaching”. Help the kid learn how to tell time BEFORE he gets a cell phone and never needs a watch again.

Other little kid gifts:
• Star Wars items, like back packs and lunch boxes.
• iDuck bathtub music that runs off mom’s iphone
• ant farms or other “viewable” growing projects
• all sorts of different “Potato Head” characters
• a giant new box of crayons
• watercolors!
• Active games like toss across or twister

Adults in your life can sometimes be an even bigger challenge than kids. Most of us have so much of everything anyway. Think of what would be helpful, fun or unusual:

• Glow in the dark floor mats
• Hometown map puzzles
• A bike mount for a cell phone
• Seasons tickets at the Maine State Music Theater or other local theaters
• Portland Dine around cards and a calendar filled with pre-made dates
• Tickets to a special interest, like the Bath Marine Museum
• time researching at the state’s geneology center
• private lessons on technology
• gift cards to the gas station, grocery store, spa or beauty parlor/barber shop
• something wild, like sky diving, riding, piloting or sailing lessons
• a membership at the local Y, gym or yoga studio

Often for adults, the best presents make memories, not clutter! Best gifts for teens, tweens and adults could include a trip to the local pizza shop and a nice, long visit.

Good luck with your holiday shopping! If you’re buying something in a size, get a gift receipt. (Good idea to keep your receipts for a month anyway.) Stress less, enjoy more!