Want to beat the heat? We’re going into the dog days weather pattern of hot, steamy, muggy weather. Here are some tips to help you stay more comfortable:

Beat the Heat  in your body

  1.  Start with yourself. Dress in cool, light, loose cotton clothing or more modern wicking apparel. Gauzy, floaty dresses or loose shirts and shorts are the best.
  2.  Keep your feet open, and let the air get to them. Good sandals, or shoes you can easily kick off, will allow your feet to stay cool. Take every opportunity to keep your tootsies comfortable.
  3.  Beat the HeatStay hydrated! Drink plenty of water and let your body be its own air conditioner. Remember that alcohol and sugary sodas are dehydrating.
  4.  Eat light. Fatty burgers and fries or pizza are harder to digest than a light salad with a little protein. You’ll feel better and give your hot body a break. Eat hydrating foods, like grapes or watermelon. Enjoy a spicy gazpacho!
  5.  Put a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator and spritz yourself for a refreshing coolness.
  6.  Read about the cold! Apparently reading about cool weather distracts us from the heat. Haul out your favorite cold-weather book (Call of the Wild, Shackleton) and immerse yourself in mental coolness.

Beat the Heat in Your Home

7.  Prepare your house or office. Close the shades and curtains to block the sun. Keep windows and doors shut if it’s hotter outside than inside. (Get an outside thermometer and place it/read it from a shaded window so you know about your own location.)

8. Help out your air conditioner. Use it to dehumidify and get a fan to move the air around. Air blowing on you will feel cooler. Set some milk bottles filled with water and frozen in front of the fan to chill the breeze. (Some people just blow air across a bowl of ice but that might add humidity to the room as it melts.)

9. As soon as the outside temp drops below the inside temp, put a fan in the window, plug up the rest of the opening with a pillow, and set it to blow air out. Close all windows except the furthest one away that’s shady. The out-blowing fan will draw cooler air through the house. We’re usually blessed in Maine with temps that drop rapidly after sunset.

10. Cool off your bed. Put rice in cotton socks, close the end with a baby pin or elastic, and freeze for a few hours. Run the cold rice sock around your sheets and leave them under your pillow. Take a cool shower. Use frozen water bottles to cool your pulse points, like wrists and neck and behind your knees.

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