Health and Wellness

  1. Senior Expos in June 2021

    We’re back to LIVE senior expos! We’re delighted to announce the Andy Valley Successful Aging Expo on June 9, 2021, at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston; and the MidCoast Successful Aging Expo June 15, 2021, at the … Continue

  2. Tick Time: Tick Season Starts Now

    I was reminded yesterday that we’re entering tick season! A walk around the yard, to the mailbox and then up to the vet for the granddogs’s meds resulted in three ticks traversing my leg! I normally spray … Continue

  3. Intentional 2021: Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Every year, I make a list of the things I want to do on New Year’s Day, because I believe that sets my intention for the whole year. Of course, many of them are … Continue

  4. When will I be vaccinated against Covid-19

    Vaccination info by Kevin Miller, staff writer at the Portland Press Herald, published this article Dec. 29, 2020. Maine’s inoculation campaign against COVID-19 is intensifying as more shipments of the vaccine arrive in the state. But it … Continue

  5. Sharpen Your Memory: Four Tips

    Do you need to sharpen your memory? Without my daily routines to guide me, I find myself forgetting stuff. It helps if I make a list and maintain my calendar, but I wanted to do more. Here’s … Continue

  6. Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself? Thoughts on My Covid Fear Challenges

    Today (March 12, 2020) marks the two month anniversary of Maine’s first official Covid-19 diagnosis. We live with Covid Fear. The world has changed. That’s hard. But I’m going to share a few things I’m not afraid … Continue

  7. Covid-19 Scams: news from MEMA

    Beware Covid-19 scams, says the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). “Our elderly population is likely the most vulnerable population during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Scammers and price gougers are devising numerous methods for defrauding people.  As our most … Continue