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  1. Successful Aging Expos in Maine 2022

    Spring 2022 Successful Aging Expos in Maine Mature Mainers of any age are invited to attend three Successful Aging Expos planned for spring 2022. All expos are free to attend, no registration required, and run from 9 … Continue

  2. Father’s Day 2021

    Need a gift idea for Father’s Day 2021 and the dad in your life? Covid might have reorganized our lives, but it’s also given us a little clarity. Being able to spend time together is a great … Continue

  3. Memorial Day in Maine 2021

    2021 is going to be a special year for Memorial Day. Some communities are having parades, like Berwick, Old Orchard Beach and Wells. Portland is holding a One Man March for Memorial Day, with a single person … Continue

  4. Tick Time: Tick Season Starts Now

    I was reminded yesterday that we’re entering tick season! A walk around the yard, to the mailbox and then up to the vet for the granddogs’s meds resulted in three ticks traversing my leg! I normally spray … Continue

  5. St. Patrick’s Q and A

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Honestly, when I was a kid, St. Patrick’s Day was an opportunity to color a shamrock. And possibly eat corned beef. And my name is McLean! We didn’t dye the Androscoggin River (or … Continue

  6. Sharpen Your Memory: Four Tips

    Do you need to sharpen your memory? Without my daily routines to guide me, I find myself forgetting stuff. It helps if I make a list and maintain my calendar, but I wanted to do more. Here’s … Continue

  7. Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself? Thoughts on My Covid Fear Challenges

    Today (March 12, 2020) marks the two month anniversary of Maine’s first official Covid-19 diagnosis. We live with Covid Fear. The world has changed. That’s hard. But I’m going to share a few things I’m not afraid … Continue