Senior Real Estate Experts

  1. “Clear the Decks” to Downsize

    When it comes time to downsize, to “clear the deck” a little, you have many options. From holding your own yard or garage sale to staging a professional auction, there are many ways to downsize and lighten the … Continue

  2. Downsizing: 5 tips for easier downsizing

    Downsizing is a scary thought. When you’ve lived a long, full life, chances are you have the “stuff” to prove it. Packed away in the attic, strewn about the cellar and garage, scattered throughout your entire home. … Continue

  3. Home Safety Assessment Checklist

    When you begin to think about staying safely and comfortably in your own home, it’s not easy to think of everything. Here’s a very comprehensive home safety assessment list that you can download and print. It’s a great … Continue

  4. Property Tax Deferral May Be Available

    Is your town considering a property tax deferrment program for senior citizens? An Act to Protect Elderly Residents from Losing Their Homes Due to Taxes or Foreclosure became Maine law July 12. The 124th Legislature passed the bill … Continue