When it comes time to downsize, to “clear the deck” a little, you have many options. From holding your own yard or garage sale to staging a professional auction, there are many ways to downsize and lighten the load of furniture, collections, artwork and even clothing.

looking to downsize? here are some hints.It might help to go room by room with a list. Note pieces of value and their history. If you end up with a substantial list, it might well be worth the time to call in a professional. Many auction houses with perform a free walk-through appraisal to give you an idea of whether your items will sell at auction, and what similar items have fetched recently. That might add impetus to your desire to downsize!

There are many small businesses that will run an estate sale for you, for a cut of the profit. They’ll make it easier for you to downsize.

Don’t forget your favorite charities. Many are now holding “donation auctions,” where they auction a donated piece and give the donor a letter for tax purposes.

Your local historical society might also be a resource, especially if your items are from the area and a nice example of local work or typical products of the era. Consider the local historical society for your attic treasures! When you downsize, do it for the right reasons: to lighten your load, clear the way for your kids, and make any future moves for yourself easier.