Meals, Housekeeping or Personal Concierge

  1. To Garden or Not to Garden

    —that is the question:—‎ Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The bugs and weeds of outrageous (but typical) vegetable gardens,‎ Or to take arms against a sea of carrots imported from California, And by growing … Continue

  2. Long term care insurance: self-insuring

    Maybe you’ve thought about long term care, and you’ve decided that you have enough money tucked away to take care of it when it happens to you. We insurance nerds call that “self-insuring.” You’ve decided that you’ll … Continue

  3. Long Term Care Insurance: too expensive?

    “Long term care insurance is too expensive.” Is it, really? How much does it cost? You don’t really know, do you, until you sit down with an LTC Specialist to discuss what sort of plan makes sense … Continue

  4. Home Safety Assessment Checklist

    When you begin to think about staying safely and comfortably in your own home, it’s not easy to think of everything. Here’s a very comprehensive home safety assessment list that you can download and print. It’s a great … Continue

  5. What Can In-Home, Non-Medical Care Do for You?

    Most people don’t know how helpful in-home, non-medical services can be until they’ve had the need for this type of help in their lives or that of a loved one. These services are meant to be supportive … Continue

  6. Maine Home Care Costs Among the Nation’s Highest

    Genworth’s 7th Annual Survey Allows Maine Residents to Compare Long Term Care Costs Statewide RICHMOND, Va. — According to Genworth’s 2010 Cost of Care Survey, home care costs, as well as costs of most other long term … Continue