Adult Day Programs

  1. Brain Health: Keeping Your Brain Healthy & Sharp

    Maintaining the health of your brain as you age is just as important as staying physically fit. In fact, many studies show that brain fitness can play an important role in warding off dementia. According to the … Continue

  2. SMAA Agewell Programs

    The SMAA Center for Agewell Programs offers three healthy living workshops. SMAA Agewell programs include: Living Well for Better Health Living Well for Better Health (Also known as Chronic Disease Self-Management) is a nationally recognized, award-winning program … Continue

  3. Chalmers Named Vice President of Elder & Home Care Services

    Elder & Home Care Services in the Mid Coast area better served. Darlene Chalmers, MS, RN, has been named Vice President of Elder & Home Care Services for Mid Coast Health Services. As Vice President of Elder … Continue

  4. Staying at Home

    What can help me stay at home? You may be used to handling everything for yourself, dividing up duties with your spouse, or relying on family members for help. But as circumstances change, it’s good to be … Continue

  5. To Garden or Not to Garden

    —that is the question:—‎ Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The bugs and weeds of outrageous (but typical) vegetable gardens,‎ Or to take arms against a sea of carrots imported from California, And by growing … Continue

  6. Home Safety Assessment Checklist

    When you begin to think about staying safely and comfortably in your own home, it’s not easy to think of everything. Here’s a very comprehensive home safety assessment list that you can download and print. It’s a great … Continue

  7. What Can In-Home, Non-Medical Care Do for You?

    Most people don’t know how helpful in-home, non-medical services can be until they’ve had the need for this type of help in their lives or that of a loved one. These services are meant to be supportive … Continue