Do you need help with your computer, devices or on-line learning? Helping seniors with technology is BoomerTECH’s business! BoomerTECH will run a HELP DESK all day from their booth at the Waterville Senior Expo. Join us Friday,April 10, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Elk’s Banquet Center, 76 industrial St. in Waterville, for a senior expo filled with information.

BoomerTECH encourages questions about devices or anything related to learning online. EXPO attendees may want to bring their smartphones, tablets, and or laptops with them.

Helping Seniors with Technology: BoomerTECH WORKSHOPS

We’ll start on the hour and go no more than 40 minutes for each session—and that includes Q/A and some hands-on time. These are informal sessions so drop by the BoomerTECH Adventures booth. Helping seniors with technology is what we do best!

10:30 a.m. Wellness apps and resources—How far did you walk or run today? How can you keep notes to share for your next medical check up? What exercises are good for strengthening your heart, lungs, back, abs, legs, arms? Can my digital device help me reduce stress, improve my memory, eat better, or manage my weight? Attend this informative and interactive session to learn about free apps to help improve your health and wellness.

11:30 a.mCreating your own digital music stations—It’s been said that music is the soundtrack of our lives. Music can transport us to and remind us of events, places, and people in our lives. We’ll show you how to create playlists of your favorite songs reflecting your favorite memories and moods on your digital device.

helping seniors with technology12:30  Two easy-to-use features of your iPhone/iPad.

  • Learn how to take and share images
  • Learn how to text

1:30 p.mHave fun with your smart phone/tablet camera!—Play is the operative word for this hands-on session! We will explore the built–in possibilities that exist on your smart phone/tablet camera: close-ups, videos, editing, & slideshows. We will also look at a couple of free or low cost apps that bring creativity to your picture taking.

If you want more info on helping seniors with technology,  visit BoomerTECH at the Waterville Senior Expo April 10!