Downsizing and moving can be stressful. But with the right partner, it doesn’t have to be. Integrated Move Management can help throughout your relocation – from initial consultation and planning, to organizing your home and preparing and packing for your move, to floor planning for your new home, to coordinating with your moving company, to unpacking and settling you in at your new home.  (Learn more about professional move management #1.)  A later-life transition involves so much more than hiring a moving truck or packing boxes.  At Integrated Move Management we understand the complexities involved, and have created a process that guides our clients through this stressful process smoothly. Our dedicated team believes every client deserves to be treated the same way we would want to be: with integrity, efficiency and compassion.  

We also have vast experience in helping with home or estate clean out in preparation for a home sale.  This can come about when a senior has already moved in to a retirement community or after a loved one has passed away.  We carefully go through all possessions to determine the best dispersal – whether that be gifting to friends or relatives, selling, donating, or recycling.  Our goal is to minimize how much is thrown away to limit the impact on the environment.  (See how we can help with a home clean out #2).

The founder of Integrated Move Management, Mary Holmes, has a special interest in and talent for guiding people through major life changes.  Fourteen years ago, she started a career as a financial planner with the goal of treating each client as an individual to ensure that their financial needs were met.  Understanding each clients’ unique situation and really being able to listen to their goals, concerns, and wishes are skills that Mary carefully cultivated over the years and now applies to her work assisting clients with downsizing, moving or home clean out. Mary can be reached at

Every client and every move is different. After an initial consultation (which is complimentary and includes a free, no obligation estimate), we’ll work together with you to build your customized plan. Available services include:

  • Organizing and sorting possessions
  • Decluttering and cleaning out storage and living spaces
  • Staging and preparing home for sale
  • Facilitating estate dispersal, including estate sales and cleanout
  • Sale, consignment and/or donation of furniture or other items
  • Floor planning for your new space
  • Packing for your move
  • Requesting bids and coordinating with moving company
  • Unpacking and settling in
  • Specialized plans for downsizing and senior relocations

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