Sisters Liz Pattison and Kim Dorsky know first hand how emotional and overwhelming the task of cleaning out a home can be. When asked to help clean out their parents’ attic with more than 20 years of accumulation, they knew the dreaded chore ahead. Barbie dolls, science fair projects, Donny & Marie albums: where to begin? Every item had a story, each possession evoked a memory. They laughed, told stories and got nothing done. Why is this so hard they wondered? Does everyone have a hard time parting with once cherished possessions? The answer is yes! They soon realized that cleaning out their own stuff was much more difficult than cleaning out another’s. Determined to help others and knowing the service would be valued, Liz and Kim started their company called SimplySized Home.

We understand transitions like these are emotionally and physically challenging. It is our mission to guide you through this difficult process with the sensitivity and dignity you deserve. Our goal is to ensure your goals are met.

Areas of focus include:

Downsizing-commonly known as smart-sizing or right-sizing, is the process of moving from a larger home to a smaller one. Liz and Kim can help by sorting and simplifying your belongings, thoughtfully clearing away the excess while allowing you to retain your needed and most cherished possessions. We work with reputable antique dealers, consignment shops and numerous charities to help remove the things you no longer need.

Aging In Place- sometimes moving to a smaller or different home is not preferred, we understand. At SimplySized Home, we can propose suggestions for modifying your home, moving you from multi-floor living to one floor living. This ensures your comfort and safety, while allowing you to live independently as long as possible.

Moving Management/Home Closing- includes coordinating the details of emptying your house and moving you from your current home to a new one. We will take care of all the logistics including sorting, simplifying, hiring movers and settling you into your new home.

Clutter Coaching- a series of regular appointments to train you to simplify your trouble spots.

Sometimes all it takes is getting started and a plan to keep you on track. Waiting until the last minute is the most difficult time to make decisions about your home and a needed transition. Even if you are only beginning to think about making a change, it is wise to plan ahead. Everyone’s situation is unique; at SimplySized Home we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our services are 100% confidential and we are fully insured and bonded.

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