Senior expo Freeport 2016 speaker’s gallery includes five speakers. All talks are free. Here is the  speaker’s gallery for the Southern Maine Senior Expo scheduled for Tuesday, October 11. The expo will open at 9 a.m. and run until 3 p.m. Speakers will talk in the Hilton Board Room immediately adjacent to the Expo Hall.

10:00    Venous Insufficiency: What to do about Varicose Veins

Advanced Vein Center with Dr. Robert Abrahamsen. Many people develop venous insufficiency during their lifetime.  As the problem progresses, more visible varicose veins may appear, and as it worsens, patients notice leg swelling. In the end stages, ulceration or blood clots can occur. Fortunately, there is now a quick and easy outpatient solution, covered by insurance. With today’s ultrasound and laser equipment, we can fix most problems with short outpatient treatments, allowing patients to go back to their activities with no downtime. Come learn how easy it can be to look and feel better.

11:00 State Of The Art Hip Replacement.

Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is nationally recognized as a leader in advanced hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries.  Working with The Joint Replacement Center at MMC, our team has performed more than 6,000 anterolateral hip replacements, the highest volume in Maine. Come hear George Babikian, M.D. explain the amazing changes in joint care and replacement.

12:00 noon – Salvation Army Planned Giving: Tips and Traps When Naming Beneficiaries.

Learn how to coordinate designations with your will, accounts and jointly-owned property for a smooth-working estate plan. A light lunch is provided for the first 25 attendees.

senior expo freeport 20161:00 p.m. How to Keep Your Pet Healthy Through All Stages of Life

In this fun and engaging talk, Deirdre Frey, VMD and Abigail Messina, DVM, veterinarians from Vet At Your Door, a veterinary house call service serving the Greater Portland area, will discuss how to keep your beloved furry companions healthy from puppy/kitten-hood through their golden years. How do vet house call services work? Find out what services you can receive in the comfort of home, and how it can benefit you and reduce stress for your pets.

2:00 Clutter Control: Tips for Gaining the Upper Hand on Your Stuff

Are you paralyzed by the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated? Do your kids tell you they’re just going to THROW STUFF AWAY and threaten you with dumpsters? Get a better grip on your belongings and your sanity by learning a few clutter control tips and gaining resources in this one hour workshop.  Deborah McLean (Maine Senior Guide) is wearing her other hat, from Antiquities Refuge League.

Senior Expo Freeport 2016 is free. Join us for cider and donuts in the afternoon, talks all day, free flu shots, and Zumba Gold demonstrations. Senior Expo Freeport 2016 is sponsored by Salvation Army Planned Giving, Bellavita at Scarborough,and the Advanced Vein Center.