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  1. Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement: Muscle Sparing Surgery

    What’s the difference between a traditional hip replacement and a minimally invasive muscle sparing hip replacement (MS-AL)?  Minimally invasive hip replacement can be a lot easier! Find out more in this blog post by Adam J. Rana, … Continue

  2. Exercise and Bone Health: bones need a workout!

    Exercise and Bone Health. Oftentimes, my patients ask me the question: How does exercise improve my overall bone health? Frequently, they are familiar with the benefits of exercise, in terms of reducing the risk for heart disease … Continue

  3. prevent hip fracture with these 4 tips

    Prevent hip fracture with these 4 tips. This is important information to share with your loved ones over holiday visits!  Hip fractures are serious injuries that most often occur in people aged 65 and older. Women are … Continue

  4. Diet and Running: good food for runners

    Diet and running are clearly linked, according to Brian J. McGrory, MD,MS, a well-known Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeon at Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics. There are a number of measures that runners can pursue to minimize … Continue

  5. Diet and Arthritis: Senior Diet Tips

    Diet and Arthritis is a guest post by Brian J. McGrory, MD, MS, a hip and knee replacement surgeon at Maine Medical Center. The connection between diet and arthritis is powerful. One of the common questions that patients … Continue

  6. Lessons in Injury Prevention for Older Athletes

    Are you a baby boom athlete? Adam Rana, M.D., from Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics, offers this good advice for injury prevention for older athletes. Oftentimes I hear from my senior patient population, “Dr. Rana, what are … Continue

  7. Downsizing: The Many Upsides to Downsizing

    The word downsizing comes with a highly negative connotation. In reality, it should be called smartsizing or rightsizing! What could be smarter than living efficiently in a dwelling that fits your lifestyle and family’s needs perfectly? Close … Continue