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  1. 10 signs that your elderly parent needs help

    Diane Atwood, who writes the Catching Health blog for Advantage Home Care, shares this article. When we see our parents on a regular basis, we may not notice subtle changes in their routines or behaviors. If one is … Continue

  2. Brain Health: Keeping Your Brain Healthy & Sharp

    Maintaining the health of your brain as you age is just as important as staying physically fit. In fact, many studies show that brain fitness can play an important role in warding off dementia. According to the … Continue

  3. How Can I Breathe Better?

    BREATHE BETTER! NEW ASTHMA SPECIALIST JOINS COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM BRUNSWICK, Maine – Mid Coast Health Services is pleased to welcome Asthma Educator Stacey Schmidt to its Community Health Education team. A Registered Respiratory Therapist, she can help … Continue

  4. Knowing When to Get Help: Home Care in Maine

    Knowing When to Get Help Richard Blumenthal, President, Advantage Home Care LLC As we age and physical changes occur, we or someone we love may not be able to effectively deal with these changes. Some activities of … Continue

  5. Conversations with Parents: Start Now

    Gail Sheehy, author of many books concerning the transitions we all make over our lives, and the universal problems, challenges and opportunities involved with those passage, recently wrote an article for USA Today on having critical conversations … Continue

  6. Home Safety Assessment Checklist

    When you begin to think about staying safely and comfortably in your own home, it’s not easy to think of everything. Here’s a very comprehensive home safety assessment list that you can download and print. It’s a great … Continue

  7. Caregiver Syndrome: Does This Describe You?

    Caregiver Syndrome, a relatively new term, is being used more often by some medical professionals to refer to the emotional and physical toll experienced by those caring for an elderly relative, neighbor or friend. This syndrome is … Continue