Elm Street Assisted Living is an assisted living residence for elderly women in the Brunswick area located at 56 Elm St. in Topsham, Maine.

Elm Street boasts six private rooms, each with its own bathroom, an open, family style kitchen and dining room, and two large living rooms. A resident can bring a pet to live with her here. She may have grandchildren visit and be comfortable playing blocks in the living room, picking flowers on the deck, or riding bikes in the largely empty parking lot.

She will have home cooked meals prepared just for her, whether a traditional diet, dairy or gluten free or vegetarian. Meals are taken together at the large table in the kitchen.

She will have only five staff people to get to know, who will love getting to know her, and only five other residents to learn about. She will have activities geared to her interests and needs, facilitated by staff who might even share her interests.

There are no long corridors with closed doors, no nursing station with a counter blocking access, no dining room with the chef in the kitchen and wait staff impatiently waiting for an order.

Elm Street has the feel of home. Each of the six private rooms has its own half bath, telephone, and cable hookup. There is wireless internet access throughout the building. The large living room offers a computer, a piano, a “community” TV, and numerous books and cozy corners for curling up and reading. There is space enough for musical groups, sewing circles, or storytelling.

Listen to Jill Wallace talk about the loving benefits of making your home in a small community in this National Public Radio story.

All of our residents find that, as their needs change, their home at Elm St. Assisted Living changes with them. If a resident finds she needs more assistance with dressing or bathing, for example, her level of care will also change. Just as would happen in any family setting, says owner Jill Wallace, accommodations are made as personal situations change.


“My Mother spent the last 5 years of her life at 56 Elm St. We are from Massachusetts and when the time came that my Mother could no longer live on her own we began the search for a place she could be happy and comfortable but also be safe and have the assistance she needed. She did not do well with any of the options that we found in Massachusetts. The places were all too big with too many staff and too many residents. It was much too overwhelming for my Mom. My brother and his family live in Maine and he found 56 Elm Street. We all immediately fell in love with everything about the place!!! From the home like atmosphere to the beautiful gardens to the amazing staff we found it to be perfect!!”

As a child that lived out of state Elm Street was selfishly perfect for me as well as my Mom. I was able to call daily and either the staff would help adjust the phone volume for me to speak with her or would be able to give me a detailed report should she be napping or out at the time of my call. When I would come to visit I was able to make myself right at home the same way I would when I visited my Mother’s home. I always brought my little shih tzu with me which was a win – win as all the ladies enjoyed visiting with the puppy.

My Mom passed away in January. I still keep in touch with the staff and keep updated on the other residents as everyone came to be part of our family. I can not say enough wonderful things about Elm Street and all who reside and work there!!!”

Robin D’Ampolo