This article on senior sexuality, Intimacy and Aging: Strategies to Enhance Your Sexual Relationship by Nelly Hall, CS Boutique, first appeared in Maine Seniors magazine.

The need for intimacy is ageless. Studies have confirmed that you can enjoy sexual activity for as long as you wish. Keep in mind, sexual activity may not be the same in your 50’s, 60’s or beyond as it was in your 20’s, but it can be just as satisfying and even better in many ways.

It is perfectly normal for our bodies to change as we age. And of course, sex changes too – which with some new information, an open-mind and willingness to experiment, you can enjoy a physically and emotionally fulfilling sex life.

senior sexualityCommunication

As difficult or embarrassing as it may be, it is important to honestly and openly communicate feelings, sexual expectations and changing abilities. It is unfair to believe that your partner is a mind reader or intuitively knows how to please you or can always predict what is going to feel uncomfortable.

Health Challenge

Medical conditions compound the sexual issues that men and women already face during the natural aging process. The first step to overcoming these challenges is to investigate the potential effects of the disease and treatment on your sex life. Get your partner involved and round up your resources. Talk to your healthcare team(doctors, nurses, therapists) and crack open some books. After some adjustments, many people are able to return to a satisfying sex life.

Medications after Senior Sexuality

Some prescription and over-the-counter medications have possible sexual side effects that can affect performance or enjoyment. Talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist about what the potential sexual side effects may be.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercises

Woman of all ages benefit from exercising their PC muscles by performing their Kegels or using a Kegel exercise tool. You will not only reduce the incidence of the dreaded “dribble when you giggle” (stress urinary incontinence) but will also improve the quality of your orgasm. Men can benefit as well, which may result in improved bladder control and possibly improve sexual performance and enhance senior sexuality.

Lubricants – slippery secret for great sex

Personal lubricants reduce friction, protect delicate tissues and helps to make sex more enjoyable. There are various sexual lubricants now available that are long-lasting and moisturizing. Some experimenting is required to identify which one works best for you but I promise the homework is fun.

The next article: 5 strategies for senior sexuality that will help turn up the heat in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the car…you get the idea.

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