Information You Can Use

  1. Letter of Instruction: The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Write

    “Where is Mom’s Social Security card?” It’s a common refrain when someone can’t help with their own affairs. Confusion and uncertainty compound the difficulties of dealing with a family emergency. There is a way to help those who … Continue

  2. Aging in Maine: documentary film festival

    Aging in Maine brings the power of documentary film to support the work of Maine-based organizations focused on aging-related issues. It’s the inaugural Camden International Film Festival’s Engagement Summit, and a wonderful opportunity for seniors and their loved … Continue

  3. Call for Artists! Senior Artists Exhibition

    Calling all senior artists! Senior College at Belfast is pleased to invite all Maine artists, 50 years of age and older, amateur and professional, to participate in this year’s Festival of Art event. For the past eleven … Continue

  4. Trusts: Do you need a Trust?

    Q: I have lots of questions about trusts. Can someone explain if I need a trust and how I should be dealing with my financial planning? A: We’ve asked Barry Kohler, SVP and Director of Androscoggin Trust … Continue

  5. Hypothermia and the Elderly: Cold Weather Alert!

    Hypothermia is a special danger for elders in Maine. One of the first signs? Shivering. Shivering is one of those amazing things our bodies do to keep us operating at top speed. It’s as if we had an … Continue

  6. Holiday Blues: dealing with depression

    Holiday blues. We all know someone, or someone whose loved one, is dealing with depression. Severe depression is debilitating, but there are levels of depression, and even a mild case such as being down in the dumps … Continue

  7. Senior Fitness: A Key to Healthy Aging

    We’ve all heard it before: Staying active is one of the keys to healthy aging. Those of us without health or mobility issues have many options for senior fitness. We walk the mall with a friend, swim … Continue