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  1. IRS Scam is latest senior scam: Avoid & report!

    An IRS scam that targets seniors and others is the latest, says the IRS. This IRS scam targets people across the nation, including recent immigrants. Callers claiming to be from the IRS tell intended victims they owe taxes and … Continue

  2. gluten free dessert: happy holiday cooking!

    Ah, holidays. If you’re on a gluten free diet, finding the best gluten free dessert can be a great gift!  Many seniors still enjoy time in the kitchen, and these gluten free dessert receipes are easy to … Continue

  3. Suddenly Single: Financial Do’s & Don’ts After An Unexpected Loss

    Suddenly single Baby Boomers who experience the loss of their spouse are often faced with two significant challenges. First and foremost: grieving. They must deal with the devastating loss of a spouse. Second: financial decisions – some … Continue

  4. Downsizing: The Many Upsides to Downsizing

    The word downsizing comes with a highly negative connotation. In reality, it should be called smartsizing or rightsizing! What could be smarter than living efficiently in a dwelling that fits your lifestyle and family’s needs perfectly? Close … Continue

  5. Health Care Reform: are you Obamacare ready? Part II

    Health Care Reform Includes Richer Benefits The health insurance plans are very, very rich in benefits. More rich, than a number of Mainer’s have had for benefits. The richer the plan, the higher the cost – If today, … Continue

  6. Health care reform: are you Obamacare ready? Part I

    Are you ready for Health Care Reform? Sweeping changes are coming to the individual health insurance policy beginning January 2014 because of the Affordable Care Act; otherwise known as health care reform, or Obama Care. Here’s the … Continue

  7. Your Life Reimagined: So Many Possibilities!

    Life reimagined. When was the last time you took a moment to evaluate what is truly important to you? If you could change anything, what would it be? Perhaps you want to investigate something completely different; a … Continue