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  1. Life lessons: 43 tips for living

    These 43 tips for living were written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio. “To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the lessons life taught me. It is the most … Continue

  2. Maine Seniors Day

    The Maine Point: Welcome Maine Seniors Day When local and state entities come together toward a common, positive goal, it’s exciting! Thanks to the publisher of Maine Seniors magazine, along with many friends and collaborators across Maine, … Continue

  3. Dog heat tips: heat alert for pets

    Summer seems to be hitting Maine hard this year, between rain and ninety degree weather. Here are a few dog heat tips. While the heat can be relieving to some after Maine’s long, cold winter months, pets … Continue

  4. Simple BBQ recipes: delicious easy side dishes

    Simple BBQ recipes. It’s mid-August, eighty degrees, and nothing says summer like a good cook out. The smell of a barbeque is in the air, and being invited to one begs the question of what to bring. … Continue

  5. Chained CPI: Chained CPI Proposal Bad for Women

    What is chained CPI, anyway, and what does it mean to seniors? The chained CPI (Consumer Price Index) rests on the dubious assumption that when the cost of something goes up, one simply chooses a lower-cost substitute. This … Continue

  6. Social Security Benefits: 10 fast facts about social security

    1. Social Security benefits are paid to about 57 million people. Most (40 million) are retirees and their families. The rest are workers who become disabled and families in which a parent or spouse dies. 2. About … Continue

  7. When Do People Stop Having Sex?

    When do people stop having sex? Never! Sex can be a tricky subject at any age. It can be embarrassing, even shameful, or too private to talk about. It can also be wonderful, intimate, and freeing. Even … Continue