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  1. Preventing hip fracture: how to stay bone healthy

    Preventing hip fracture becomes increasingly important as we age. Here’s some important information to share with your loved ones over holiday visits!  Hip fractures are serious injuries that most often occur in people aged 65 and older. Women … Continue

  2. Too Much Sugar: Dangers of Type II Diabetes

    Too Much Sugar is a guest post written by Diane Atwood, shared by Advantage Home Care. My mother Beverly loves her sweets, especially chocolate. When I was growing up, she wouldn’t buy just one candy bar, she’d buy … Continue

  3. Coats for seniors: warm up older Mainers

    Coats for Seniors is a Maine-based initiative to collect gently used adult winter coats for older Mainers in need. For each adult winter coat collected, Goodwill will provide the Area Agencies on Aging with a voucher to … Continue

  4. Senior Halloween Costumes: Just Add Imagination!

    Tomorrow night is October 31, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, and that calls for some imaginative senior Halloween costumes.  The first thing you have to find out is if the kids in your neighborhood are trick or treating. The … Continue

  5. Exercise Over 50: Get up and Move! Pedometers help.

    Exercise over 50 is getting a lot of press lately. The more time you spend sitting, the shorter and less healthy your life will tend to be. That’s the new consensus among researchers. Even the World Health … Continue

  6. Technology help for Seniors: iMovie Workshop for Boomers

    Technology help for seniors is at hand! If you’ve been annoyed, frustrated, bothered or burdened by your “smart” devices like iPhones and iPads, then this iMovie workshop is for you! This iMovie workshop for Boomers will teach you … Continue

  7. Long term care funding: learn more at Freeport Senior Expo

    Long term care funding  information is important to seniors all across the state! Maine Senior Guide would like to thank our Senior Expo sponsor Life Care Funding for their generous support of our programs in York and Freeport.  We … Continue