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  1. Exercise and Bone Health: bones need a workout!

    Exercise and Bone Health. Oftentimes, my patients ask me the question: How does exercise improve my overall bone health? Frequently, they are familiar with the benefits of exercise, in terms of reducing the risk for heart disease … Continue

  2. Storm tomorrow: 13 things to do to get ready for tomorrow’s storm

    Storm tomorrow! “Two to three feet of snow. That’s what the forecast is calling for in parts of Maine. Mother Nature is making up for lost time. I went exploring in the woods around Upper Oxbrook Lake … Continue

  3. January 21 Senior Expo in Lewiston

    There is a January 21 Senior Expo in Lewiston. The January 21 Senior Expo in Lewiston is free. It will be at the Ramada Inn on Pleasant Street in Lewiston, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. This … Continue

  4. Insomnia and food: Can’t Sleep? Avoid these foods!

    If you’re worried about insomnia and food, Diane Atwood over at the Catching Health blog has a few things to say about foods that might be the culprit in keeping you awake at night. We all know … Continue

  5. New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

    New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers. It can especially difficult for people caring for a loved one to even entertain the thought of making some resolutions, let alone keep them. If there is a # 1 New Year’s resolution for … Continue

  6. Best Gifts for Teens, Tweens and Adults!

    Looking for the best gifts for teens? Best gifts for older folks? What about little kids? The first clue is what they like. Although I believe in shopping locally, there’s nothing wrong in googling “best gifts for … Continue

  7. Senior Travel Tips: Planning Ahead

    If you’re looking for senior travel trips, they all sort of fit under one umbrella: plan ahead. We’re happy to share this blog on senior travel trips from Diane Atwood via Advantage Home Care. Have a bag … Continue