Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers

  1. Preventing hip fracture: how to stay bone healthy

    Preventing hip fracture becomes increasingly important as we age. Here’s some important information to share with your loved ones over holiday visits!  Hip fractures are serious injuries that most often occur in people aged 65 and older. Women … Continue

  2. Medicare and YOU! 2011 Educational Seminars

    Many Maine Medicare Beneficiaries find their healthcare coverage options confusing as well as overwhelming.  With Medicare and YOU! educational seminars, Caroline Irwin will take the confusion out of Medicare by discussing the four components of Medicare and how they work … Continue

  3. Long term care insurance: self-insuring

    Maybe you’ve thought about long term care, and you’ve decided that you have enough money tucked away to take care of it when it happens to you. We insurance nerds call that “self-insuring.” You’ve decided that you’ll … Continue

  4. Long Term Care Insurance: too expensive?

    “Long term care insurance is too expensive.” Is it, really? How much does it cost? You don’t really know, do you, until you sit down with an LTC Specialist to discuss what sort of plan makes sense … Continue

  5. Long Term Care Insurance: an intro

    I’m excited about being part of Maine Senior Guide. As an expert in LTC (long term care) insurance, any opportunity to help educate you about this topic is valuable, because there’s so much inaccurate and misleading stuff … Continue

  6. Medical Marijuana and Nursing Homes

    Last election day (November 3, 2009) Maine voters approved Question 5, which enacted the citizen-initiated bill, “An act to establish the Maine Medical Marijuana Act “ LD975, IB2, allowing for medical marijuana use by people with debilitating … Continue