The Freeport Senior Expo speakers have been announced for the October 5, 2017 expo at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport. The expo is free with plenty of free parking.

Freeport Senior Expo Speakers

9:00 –  Preparing for Disaster – Maine Emergency Management Agency Information Officer Susan Faloon talks about the risk of many different natural and man-made disasters in Maine.  Now more than ever, it is important for us to take steps to be resilient as individuals. She will offer many preparation tips for keeping ourselves, and our communities safe and ultimately protecting our nation.

Freeport Senior Expo speakers10:00 – Disabilty Rights Maine –Disability Rights Maine has several programs to assist Maine residents who are hard of hearing. One program, The Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) was established by state law to provide no/low cost adaptive telecommunications equipment to any Maine resident who cannot use their home’s conventional telephone due to a physical or cognitive disability. Debra Bare-Rogers will talk about the program, who qualifies and how to apply, and give info on DRM’s free hearing aid program for residents who qualify.

11:00 – State of The Art Joint Replacement  At Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, they believe in transparent quality data. Learn how to compare quality data from one organization – or surgeon – to another. This will help ensure a positive experience, and a sure path back to living your full life.

Freeport Senior Expo speakers free lunch

12:00 – “Time to Update Your Will?” How do you know when your will needs to be updated? Will your kids/heirs have to pay high taxes on some gifts from your estate? How long will it take for your kids/heirs to receive the gifts from your will? Can you avoid probate? This hands-on workshop allows you to ask those niggling questions so you feel more prepared the next time you visit your attorney. Co-presenters: Barbara S. Schlichtman, Esq., Partner, Maine Center for Elder Law, LLC and Amy Anderson, Director of Planned Giving, The Salvation Army, Northern New England

1:00 Downsizing:  Making the Most of Your Space.  Wondering how to say “goodbye” to all the stuff you’ve accumulated, but find you don’t need?  Join Angela D’Amours from The Cedars as she shares stories from her work with seniors facing this challenge, and tips for success.

The Freeport Senior Expo speakers are all experts in their field. Come listen and learn!