To say professional senior caregiver Jane Auchincloss of Friends In Home Care in Yarmouth loves helping others would be the understatement of the century.

senior caregiver Jane Auchincloss Jane is just another example of the exceptional quality, compassionate, and experienced senior caregivers here at Friends In Home Care of Maine, since 1997. Getting seniors out of their homes in beautiful weather and out to see tall ships in Portland, work on gardening and produce healthy plants and vegetables, and out to appointments and shopping, are just some of the things Jane and others like her do to serve our community and provide a loving and healthy environment for Maine’s seniors who are living at home.

What makes this company unique? The answer to that is both simple and very important. Our caregivers make us highly unique. Experience and compassion are qualities in every one of our hand selected and elite caregivers. We are so selective, in fact, that getting a job here at Friends may be harder than getting elected president! We are just that picky in who we chose, and our clients thank us daily for this!

Friends in Home CareIt really makes all the difference, and with so many wonderful people calling Friends for assistance at home for their parents or themselves, we feel honored each day to make a difference in our community.

Senior Caregiver

Our professionals provide seniors with the in-home care they need to maintain independence and dignity. Families are assured that their loved ones are receiving quality, dependable, personalized care.

It’s our mission at Friends In Home Care to enable our clients to remain independent in their homes, and to alleviate loneliness and bring joy and companionship. Are you looking for companion care?  Our caregivers can travel with clients, providing transportation to the theater, doctor, church or coffee shop. Our companion care is an excellent choice for seniors who live alone or don’t have a lot of family and friends nearby. It also works well for short-term respite care,  and is available for two to 24 hours.

Call Ben or Erin at Friends In Home Care in Yarmouth today. We serve from Freeport to Scarborough! 207-846-5525