Write your congressperson! The power of the pen is back! Did you know that our elected officials value email a little, phone calls more and a hand-written note most of all? That’s because writing a personalized note takes time, effort and thought. And you become more important because of that investment.

Remember that every single one of these folks is a temporary worker on our behalf. Donald Trump is now the biggest public servant in the US and we are his boss. Our Senators and Representatives serve because we want them to, and they should know our expectations. But how will they know unless we tell them? Here’s how to write your congressperson.

The Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Every state has two senators, and representatives based on population. Maine has two senators and two representatives.

Maine Senators

Each state elects two senators in staggered terms of six years. The Senators represent the entire state, not districts. Our two Senators are Susan Collins (R) whose next election bid will be 2020, and Angus King (D) whose next election is 2018. You can write to the Senators at their Washington  addresses, or write/visit any of their Maine offices. (see bottom of post for more info on how to write our congressperson.)

Senator Collins is our senior senator and the Chairman of the Special Committee on Aging and is considered a moderate Republican. From Jan. ’97 to January 2017, she has never missed a roll call vote. Besides the Special Committee on Aging, she serves on Appropriations, Health/Education/Labor/Pensions and the select committee on write your congresspersonIntelligence.

Senator King, our junior senator, serves on Armed Services, Budget, Energy and Natural Resources, Rules and Administration, and also on the select committee on Intelligence. He is an Independent who usually caucuses with the Democrats.

Maine Congress People

Because of our population, we have two representatives in two districts, also based on population. Sometimes we send Republicans and sometimes Democrats. Right now, our district 1 representative is Democrat Chellie Pingree and our district 2 representative is Republican Bruce Poliquin. The 1st congressional district includes York and Cumberland counties and more along the coast and up to Augusta. The 2nd district is much larger and includes the rest of the state.

How to Write to Your Congressperson

The rules are simple and easy.

  1. send it to the right person, addressed in the right way.
  2. be brief and concise. Write your name, where you live, and what you want them to do.
  3. be sure you’ve included a return address
  4. write often!

All those free cards you get with the hope that you’ll support a cause? Spend a few minutes and address several to the President, Senators and Representatives. Go ahead and put stamps on them! And the next time an issue comes up that you feel strongly about, dash off a polite, forceful and brief note and put it in the mail. Postcards work well, too. All you need is a line or two to get your request across. Make it action oriented. Feel free to give an opinion, but maintain your personal integrity by being truthful, sincere and polite.

Here’s an example. I’m only two years from Medicare, which I’ve paid towards my entire working life. I want my benefits secure no matter where I live or retire to. I don’t want Medicare administered by the states. I’ve paid the feds for this insurance for 45 years and I want the feds to administer it the same in Florida or North Carolina as they do in California or Maine. That’s a worthy request that I can put in writing to all four of our representatives in Congress, and the President, and our governor. Don’t mess with Medicare. Don’t make it a block grant program administered by the state. Maintain federal oversite and strengthen the program. Thank you!

There will be lots of opportunities to write about Medicare, affordable housing and transportation in the next few months. Concerned about the environment? Worried about jobs? What about the lobster and paper industries in Maine? Or the pollution from out of state that drifts here? Make sure your elected representatives are representing you!

Write the President

President Donald J. Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500

Addresses to write your congressperson

Senator Angus King’s office Washington D.C.

133 Hart Building, Washington, D.C. 20510   (202) 224-5344

Senator Susan Collin’s office Washington, DC

413 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510  (202)224-2523

Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s office Washington DC

1208 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515    (202) 225-6306

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s office Washington DC

2162 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515  (202) 225-6116

You can find local office addresses and email addresses for all our elected officials at www.usa.gov. Another interesting site that tracks how our elected officials vote and compares voting records is https://www.govtrack.us. Write your congressperson.